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"Pennsylvania's Premiere Comedy Performer!"
  - Larry Wilde, Bantam Press

“Moore's humor is upbeat and optimistic.”
- Linda Reilly, The Delaware County Times
“By the time Tommy has finished…the audience of corporate not-so-stiffs is exhausted from laughing so much.”
- Len Lear, Business Review
“He is, in fact, a top-rated stand up comedian.”
- Joe DeFeo, News of Delaware County
“Perhaps the greatest part of the evening was Tommy Moore's performance.”
- Rick Freeman, Apple Valley News
“Tommy Moore takes the gig and scores!”
- Dan Gerringer, Philadelphia Daily News

“His style is reminiscent of Jerry Lewis.”
- Frank Lewis, The Review-Chronicle

"A Fun, Clean Show!"
  - Eddie Graham, Entertainment Magazine
"Terrific (and very funny)!"
  - Susan Roumelis, People Are Talking, KYW-TV
"One of the classier local performers!"
  - Bill Collins, Philadelphia Inquirer
"Tommy Moore's routines stand apart!"
  - Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer
"A Million Dollar Comic... an act suitable for the whole family... a flair for the off-beat, and a habit of involving the audience!"
  - Jack Lloyd, Philadelphia Inquirer
"A loveable comic!"
  - Jim Knight, Philadelphia Daily News
"Tommy has a suitcase full of material!"
  - Stu Bykofsky, Philadelphia Daily News
"A well honed mix of regional and topical humor!"
  - Rich Curlette, Northeast Times
"Comedian Tommy Moore juicing the crowd up - pounding his punchiness home getting an ovation!"
  - Carlin Romano, Philadelphia Inquirer
"An entertainer who knows no bounds!"
  - Fran Carpentier, Parade Magazine
"Tommy brings bushels of laughter that rock the room!"
  - Steppin' Out Magazine
"Moore entertains without offending... his routines, the Hawaiian, Gilligan's Island, and the Amateur Magician, put the FUN back in FUNNY!!"
  - Beth D'Addonno, Times