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Audience Comments


How much of your presentation is entertainment, how much information?
You decide! From 50/50 to 100/0.

How do you customize your program to meet each organization's needs?
By using your input on the Pre-Program Assessment section of the web page. Please feel free to look it over.
May we take photos during your presentation?
Absolutely fine! (But video and audio taping are permitted only with conditions.)
How do you choose your volunteers?
Either by their willingness, or by your pre-advisement - or both!
(A list of the "fun" people is always appreciated!)
Is there an attendance limit?
No, we've done presentations for as many as 1,500 and as few as 20.
What are the staging requirements?
Very simple. Minimum requirements: A 6'X6' standing area, one straight backed chair, a microphone with mike stand freestanding (not attached to a podium) and easy access to the program area for audience volunteers.
Can you do 2 or more presentations back
to back?

Yes, as long as there is a 15-minute break time plus a 15-minute set-up time prior to the next seating. And, in fact, there is a price break on multiple presentations within the same day.
What is the fee?
The fee varies based on the date, time, type of presentation, length of presentation, and number of attendees, as filled out in the Pre-Program Assessment section. We do (especially for smaller organizations)
try to work within a budget.


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